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Brand Bazaar Special-Santosh Desai talks about how advertising is part of our popular culture.

Ad Film director, Prasoon Pandey, president maccan errickson, Govind Pandey, Chief creative Officer (Indian sub continent), Leo Burnett, K V Sridhar along with cnbc Awaaz, Editor, Sanjay Pugalia & guest editor Santosh Desai discuss how ad makers can talk to people via ads and be more responsible while creating a brand.

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  1. Stanzin Losal
    Posted November 19, 2012 at 8:50 am | Permalink

    Santosh ji Namaste,

    it is really good to see a panel of senior level people from the Advertising world attempting to explore and explain the phenomenon of advertising and that too in Hindi, to the mass of india which I feel resembles 30’s america with their conservative views and core family values, completely unaware of advertising’s blatant existence, and the subtle, subconscious effect it has on society. So, thank you for having this debate on live TV. I couldn’t help but notice how much the panel was at a loss for hindi words, describing and explaining their points with quite a few english words, and that is quite a standard thing with myself and any indian who speaks english, I would just like to get your view on this, is hindi doomed to absorbing lots of english in its lexicon? also, why has it stopped evolving?
    I’m sorry its completely off topic, but I read some of your social commentaries, found them to be quite enlightening. If you find the time, kindly reply to this message or perhaps it is a question to tackle in one your articles.
    thank you.

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