Constructing brand India

ONE of the recurring questions asked with great anxiety during the Great CWG Debate was: What effect would the debacle have on Brand India? Would the Indian boast of being an emerging superpower be revealed as no more than a hollow claim? Would the Indian inability to clean up its toilets in time and to… Read more »

Down memory lane

Santosh Desai discusses brand ‘Bajaj’

Bharat loses its buland tasveer

THE demise of Bajaj scooter represents a passing of not only an era, but a consciousness. Nothing captured the complex reality of existence in Middle India better than this hybrid creature that offered mobility and convenience, albeit grudgingly. If the Indian middle class man were to be reborn as a product, chances are it would… Read more »

Indian Premier League is largely a marketing success

OF COURSE, IPL is only about marketing. Not because it comes loaded with the most obvious signifiers of marketing, but because it is at its heart all about the market. The first level of argument would have it that IPL carries with it all the paraphernalia that accompanies marketing — the ads, the cheerleaders in… Read more »

Managing global brands

INDIA has entered a new phase in its engagement with globalisation. We now own not only global businesses but global brands. So far the language of this reverse globalisation process has been couched in terms of having a global ambition and a global mindset. The connection with the outside world has been at a systemic… Read more »