The Tyranny of Labels

Liberalism accompanied with a surge in conservatism It is increasingly difficulty to escape labels. One is either a liberal or not, and along with that description comes a whole set of readymade beliefs. The very act of being able to slot yourself in these neat categories, brings along with an ability to exude certainty from… Read more »

Constructing brand India

ONE of the recurring questions asked with great anxiety during the Great CWG Debate was: What effect would the debacle have on Brand India? Would the Indian boast of being an emerging superpower be revealed as no more than a hollow claim? Would the Indian inability to clean up its toilets in time and to… Read more »

Liberal with traditions

Gnashing teeth comes easily to those who call themselves liberals or conservatives. The very act of being able to slot yourself in these neat categories, brings along with it an ability to exude certainty from every pore about holding some pre-fabricated positions on some favourite subjects. When a question is framed in terms of these… Read more »

United by television

A few weeks ago, Rama Bijapurkar argued, in this paper, with her trademark clarity and insight, that India’s growing regionalisation needs to be welcomed as a sign of unity. Using a slew of evidence from across different arenas of life, spanning wedding customs, politics, television shows and language, it was first established that there is… Read more »

Chicken soup for the nation’s soul

THERE is something about the Budget that makes it irresistible to us. It is the one government action that is eagerly anticipated and written about (the other is the much more elusive and mysterious cabinet reshuffle). Even today, when our economic policy shows greater stability and where the Budget is no longer a sword hanging… Read more »

Consumer Next: Deconstructing mindset of urban poor consumer

THE last few years have seen a dramatic growth in the readership of regional language publications. Perhaps more than any other measure, this is a sign of the coming of the emerging consumer. For to begin reading a newspaper is to signal one’s inclusion in the larger world. It is to acknowledge that one’s existence… Read more »