Santosh Desai Analyses Media Ethics in Current Times-Tehelkatv


The Future of News 2011: The changing face of news:

In the special address at The Future of News, 2011, held at The Oberoi, New Delhi on August 4, Santosh Desai, managing director and chief executive officer, Future Brands, highlighted the fact that the future of the business of news is bright and growing. However, it tends to take new forms, especially with change in… Read more »

Looks and feels like news

The Marlon Samuels saga sheds light on an emerging trend of news as simulation—it looks like news, feels like news, has us reacting to it as if it were news but for the minor fact that there is in fact little that is news inside the whole package. For the truth—as we know it so… Read more »

United by television

A few weeks ago, Rama Bijapurkar argued, in this paper, with her trademark clarity and insight, that India’s growing regionalisation needs to be welcomed as a sign of unity. Using a slew of evidence from across different arenas of life, spanning wedding customs, politics, television shows and language, it was first established that there is… Read more »

Making consumers out of human beings

TELEVISION, especially when it is in private hands, plays an instrumental role in creating a consumer society. Not only because it is a powerful medium that carries advertising and lifestyle messages but because of its very nature. In other words, as a technological form, television is designed to make consumers out of human beings. It… Read more »