India live

At any IPL match, the spectators never stop cheering. Regardless of what happens in the game, who wins or loses, the cheering goes on. The slightest stimulus can set off a higher pitch of hysteria- the turn of a camera, a song played by the DJ, the sound of the vuvuzela-like bugle. The spectators come… Read more »

Cricket hysteria

Are we really obsessed with cricket or are we obsessed with being obsessed and is cricket merely a useful outlet for this deeper need? The current hysteria, the outpouring of vituperation that we see all around us when it comes to the performance of the team is by itself not unusual. Fans who give freely… Read more »

Decoding the auction

The IPL auction is over but the after-effects continue to reverberate. Why did Dhoni get what he did and what about Ponting? Have we forgiven Symonds and have we forgotten McGrath? Is such commercialisation good for the game? Are we creating a new source of identity other than country? These are just a few of… Read more »

Cheering for the cheerleaders?

Yet another thing to ban. This time, it is the turn of the women with pompoms who have come from far away to help entertain us. They do so by wearing little and dancing a lot. This helps focus our attention on a cricket match and we return home satisfied. It is after all, as… Read more »