The mystery of the Invisible Wave?

24 hours ago, most political commentators agreed that it was too close to call, although the BJP was in pole position. If there was one certainty it was that there was no wave. There were a few notable voices, particularly towards the end that gave the election to the BJP, but very few, including those… Read more »

The distrust of business?

What exactly is the direction that Narendra Modi’s economic policies are taking? A low murmur of concern is doing the rounds amongst his supporters, as they view his more recent moves with some trepidation. Demonetisation, a move cast in the mould of Indira Gandhi’s early actions, followed by a budget that gives tax breaks to… Read more »

Learning to learn?

“If it needed education to use a pen, an angootha chhaap can operate a computer today”, said the animated young man in Kolkata. He was referring to his facility with a mobile phone and the doors that it opened for him by the mere twiddling of his thumbs. As part of a study examining the… Read more »

The Virat Kohli paradox

Virat Kohli is in the form of his life, having  scored double centuries in three consecutive series and beaten a record held by Sir Donald Bradman and it feels like just another day at the office for him. He is, ‘from another planet’ as Michael Vaughan tweeted, as he carries on with his incredible run… Read more »

The re-birth of the Ambassador?

The selling of the Ambassador brand to Peugeot is an eyebrow raiser. Why would anyone want to revive a car that is deservedly dead and in the minds of many, took far too long in its death sequence a la a Hindi film hero in the 70s? Clearly, Peugeot has no interest in the car… Read more »

Freedom from ownership?

To own things was the source of the greatest joy as well as being a mark of achievement. Ghar basana, the idea of setting up home, was the painstaking accumulation of objects that gave stability and meaning to life. One’s place in the world got cemented by virtue of ownership. Owning things did nothing more than… Read more »