The Virat Kohli paradox

Virat Kohli is in the form of his life, having  scored double centuries in three consecutive series and beaten a record held by Sir Donald Bradman and it feels like just another day at the office for him. He is, ‘from another planet’ as Michael Vaughan tweeted, as he carries on with his incredible run… Read more »

The re-birth of the Ambassador?

The selling of the Ambassador brand to Peugeot is an eyebrow raiser. Why would anyone want to revive a car that is deservedly dead and in the minds of many, took far too long in its death sequence a la a Hindi film hero in the 70s? Clearly, Peugeot has no interest in the car… Read more »

Freedom from ownership?

To own things was the source of the greatest joy as well as being a mark of achievement. Ghar basana, the idea of setting up home, was the painstaking accumulation of objects that gave stability and meaning to life. One’s place in the world got cemented by virtue of ownership. Owning things did nothing more than… Read more »

Elections 2017: Many uncertainties abound

Over the last few elections, it has become clear that it is not possible for anyone to offer a meaningful prediction of the eventual outcome. The electorate is too large and diffuse, and the interplay of local and national factors too complex to be amenable to accurate forecasting. Neither the personal and direct experience of… Read more »

Stamping out authority?

A visit to a Post Office after many years is like opening a creaking door to one’s musty past and finding things pretty much as one last remembered them. Except for the crowds, of course. Among the yellowing displays of some wonderful old stamps and first day covers, one came across a circular advertising a… Read more »

The inadequacy of power?

Something seems to have changed about the way in which we understand power. Take Donald Trump. He has been elected to the most powerful position in the world, and it appears as if that too is not enough. Being the President of the USA carries with it an enormous amount of power, but from Trump’s… Read more »