The Festive Spirit?

It seems to be a no-brainer. There is a clear correlation between the spike in pollution and Diwali. This is not one of those issues where the connection between two variables is invisible or intangible. The air quality worsens before Diwali, to be sure, but from the day after, things deteriorate unmistakably. And within a… Read more »

BJP: Winning at What Cost?

Against the run of play, the Maharashtra and Haryana results have thrown up an outcome that should cause the BJP some concern. The Maharashtra win, though definitive, is significantly less emphatic than expected and the Haryana win, is statistical at best That the party would form a government in both the states was always expected,… Read more »

The idea of the favourite

For the last thirty years, come winter and out comes the same sweater that one has been wearing for a little over 30 years. It is a particularly unaesthetic choice of apparel. It was gifted to me by my brother, who cannot be blamed in any way for his bad taste for at the time;… Read more »

Managing the Digital Disruption?

Some Democrats in the US are demanding that Twitter ban Donald Trump from the platform. His recent threat of civil war in case he is impeached and removed from office is cited as the latest reason for doing so. Whatever the merits or otherwise of this demand, what is interesting is how the world has… Read more »

The changing meaning of wealth?

What is perhaps the most abundant resource in human history comes to us in the sparsest possible form. I am referring to the Google search bar, that doorway to virtually all knowledge that exists in the world. An empty box, a doodle, and a few words. It reveals nothing about everything that lies behind it…. Read more »

The Hindi Gambit?

The North-India centric worldview of the BJP was on display again recently when controversy about the imposition of Hindi flared up again. Mr Amit Shah’s reported statement about the desirability of a single language that would help unify the country kicked up a storm. Mr Shah has put out a clarificatory statement denying any such… Read more »