Obscured by media?

If one were to predict the outcome of the elections on the basis of reports in mainstream media, there would appear to be no contest. A few months ago, the picture seemed to be blurred, but the narrative seems to have changed in the last few weeks. Post-Pulwama, the triumphal din that populates our television… Read more »

TikTok: Leave them kids alone

TikTok has survived its legal challenge and continues to engage the rapt attention of millions of young Indians. This is a platform that needs to be understood, for its improbable influence, its potential cultural effect, as well for the kind of anxieties that it is clearly evoking. The idea of a platform that allows people… Read more »

Jet: Memories of Another Day

Brands come and go, and certainly airline brands have come and gone with predictable frequency, but the impending demise of Jet Airways feels like a loss. Its birth was significant, not just for the sector, but in helping reshape India’s self-image when it came to its ability to deliver a certain level of quality. For… Read more »

The religion card?

The BJP’s official Twitter handle recently tweeted a quote from Amit Shah’s speech which explicitly declared that if the party came back to power, it would implement the Citizenship bill for the entire country and would act against all infiltrators who were not Hindu, Sikh or Buddhist. This is about as clear a statement as… Read more »

BJP: Turning intensity into numbers?

As the respective campaigns of the major political parties gather steam, it does appear that at the level of the overall narrative, the BJP is comfortably ahead of its rivals. Post- Pulawama, it has been able to shed its some of the tentativeness that had begun to creep into its campaign, and is pushing ahead… Read more »

When in doubt, vote against

There are many voters who have already decided who they are going to vote for in the forthcoming elections. For those who have made up their minds to vote for the BJP, the reasons might be many. A strong belief in the leadership of Narendra Modi, a feeling that Hindus need to come together or… Read more »