BJP: Congress in the making?

Is the BJP increasingly beginning to resemble the Congress party in an increasing number of areas? It may not have a dynasty, and unlike the Congress, might have a visceral distaste for the minorities, but in many structural ways, the resemblance between the two parties is growing. The BJP has over the course of its… Read more »

Surrounded by screens?

There was a small video snippet that had gone viral a few years ago. It showed an infant looking at a magazine and jabbing it with its finger trying to make something happen. Alas, newsprint is no touchscreen, but as a sign of the times, it is hard to come across a more apt summary… Read more »

DLS: Just one more variable?

One of the prime sources of the discussion during the India- New Zealand match was about the incomprehensible animal called the Duckworth Lewis Stern system, which could potentially have come into play had the game continued on the first day. Almost every scenario thrown up by this system seemed to be to India’s disadvantage, which… Read more »

Congress: The family trap?

On the face of it, Rahul Gandhi’s resignation letter hits the right notes. He accepts full responsibility for the party’s poor showing in the recent elections, and in contrast to the prevailing political norms, translates into making himself accountable, by stepping down from his position. He goes on to passionately reiterate his view about the… Read more »

On hacking as way of life

The idea of hackers and hacking is all around us today. From films that depict keyboard geniuses out to destroy the world or save it (the so-called black-hat hackers and the white-hat ones) to it being used as shorthand for ways of engineering outcomes innovatively, using clever shortcuts even in the physical world. In business… Read more »

Is smaller better?

There was a time when cricket lovers would fantasise about the kind of team that would have been possible to put together if India and Pakistan had not been partitioned. The combination of Indian batsmen and Pakistani bowlers, the prevailing wisdom went, would be unbeatable. On the face of it, that certainly seems true, for… Read more »