Drawing the line?

It is a rare opportunity. In these fractured times, when acute polarisation prevents us from ever being able to even talk to people of a different ideological persuasion, this is a moment when it is clear that we need to hang together and fight a common enemy. One can disagree with the strategy that the… Read more »

Of Covidiots & other barriers to social distancing

A crisis like Coronavirus brings to the fore many heroes, people going out of their way to help others selflessly. It also brings to the surface many people who choose not to act in the larger interests of society. We see them in our newspaper headlines, in public spaces and in our own neighbourhoods. Some… Read more »

When the world stops flowing

The lockdown is an altogether novel experience for the world, something that no one has any preparation for. It is a frontal attack on notions of mobility and connectivity, which form the foundation of our lives today. In a pandemic which would have exploded exponentially if we did nothing, early sweeping action was what was… Read more »

Divided by Fear?

This is by far, the biggest crisis of its kind in living memory. No other event comes close in terms of scale and sweep of its embrace in the last 100 years. At one level, all of humanity should be united in such a profound moment of crisis. To the virus, the human body is… Read more »

Birds in a Pandemic?

The city is alive with the sound of birds. Who knew that in the vast embankments of concrete we call home, so many birds too nest? Social media is full of people making this miraculous discovery. On Twitter, we are being reminded of what the word means in English. A distant song being played a… Read more »

Pandemic Times?

A pandemic like Coronavirus does not merely change the way we view our health; it changes many more fundamental assumptions that we make about our lives and asks confounding questions about things that we haven’t needed to think about for a long time. In parts of Italy for instance, the explosive growth in the number… Read more »