The Karnataka Challenge?

Karnataka is poised for a tight finish, if current indications are correct. Of late, election results have been so unpredictable that making any statement about the eventual outcome has become both risky and meaningless. But there is an aspect to this election that needs to be noted, regardless of the outcome- the emergence of Siddaramaiah… Read more »

Coming On Too Strong?

The BJP understands the power of demonstrating strength. The Modi-Shah approach is that of strength applied strongly. The power distance between its top duo and everybody else, the ability to take decisions without having to worry too much about appeasing factions, the ease with which it takes risks and the big bets it places, the… Read more »

The power of the government Job

The numbers are staggering. 23 lakh applicants for 368 peon’s jobs in UP, 25 lakh vying for 6000 Group D jobs in Bengal, 25 million applications for 90,000 jobs in the Railways, 2 lakh for 1137 vacancies for the post of police constables in Maharashtra. At one level, these numbers from the last few years… Read more »

Your Outrage or Mine?

It should have been easy to be horrified. The nature of the crimes made it so. Between Kathua and Unnao, the very worst that humanity is capable of was on display. Being repelled should have been a visceral reaction, one that took no conscious effort. Instead, we saw a spectacle of a grotesque kind, one… Read more »

The cheating spectrum?

The ball-tampering issue has raised some interesting questions about the idea of cheating and our reactions to it. In this episode, what caused the most amount of anger was not the act itself as much as the fact that it was part of a pre-meditated plan. What made it cheating, and unambiguously so, was that… Read more »

The Great Indian Rope Trick?

This column has been accused in the past of writing about things that do not deserve to be thought about, let alone be written about in newspapers, those repositories of Terribly Important Things. Articles about the nightie, the swing, postcards, pigtails, sugarcane juice, the tiffin box and several other such trivialities always has at least… Read more »