#Everywhere – Decoding the hashtag

New worlds bring with them new signs. In the digital world, perhaps none is as ubiquitous as the hashtag. In a short time, the # has become part of our vocabulary, framing our exertions on the internet with its inventive functionality. We hashtag words to infuse them with a new powerful meaning, and convert them… Read more »

Downhill till 2019?

Over the last couple of weeks, a clear signal has emerged from the ruling party as to what the direction of its electoral strategy is. A series of signs, big and small, have confirmed what many have always believed- that when in doubt, the BJP goes after the one plank that it feels emotionally most… Read more »

The Advertising Mirror?

Hema, Rekha, Jaya and Sushma. To a generation of Indians, these four names evoke instant memories. Part of an advertising jingle that burrowed its way into our consciousness and took up permanent residence there, these names represent a kind of time stamp compressing within them a picture of an era. Advertising has been, without our… Read more »

The fear of food?

If there is one fundamental change that has occurred over a single generation, it is in our attitude towards food. We now think of food as the presumed enemy, and every morsel that we put into our mouths must have its antecedents verified. In a single generation, food has gone from unconditional friend to suspicious… Read more »

Social media: Breeding the toxic?

The tools of a new world create new kinds of problems. Social media access creates opportunities but also gives rise to consequences of a kind not imagined earlier. The controversy around Atul Kochhar, much awarded Indian chef, whose tweets about Islam caused much outrage and led to his losing his restaurant in Dubai is a… Read more »

An unsporting bureaucracy?

The Haryana government’s latest notification to appropriate one-third of the earnings of sportspersons from their winning and endorsement deals is yet another of those interventions by the bureaucracy that has met with significant outrage and has consequently been put on hold. The idea of the state lining its pocket on the back of the success… Read more »