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The age of the private army

The mayhem unleashed by the supporters of Ram Rahim is an emphatic reminder of how a parallel structure is building legitimacy, and finding ways of challenging the state with impunity. What we saw in Panchkula and elsewhere was a surrender to a force that had no official standing, but was able to cause carnage without… Read more »

The things that don’t change: The oldness of new India?

For the first time in the last few months, the government seems to be losing control over the political narrative. A series of different events has forced this change of emphasis, away from the usual discussions that begin with the cow and end with JNU. Denied this comfort zone, where the governments and its supporters… Read more »

Going medieval, worldwide?

It has become a ritual of sorts. Wake up every morning to track the fall-out from the latest abomination from the House of Donald Trump. He rarely disappoints, if that is the word one is looking for. One begins virtually every day this way- going through the torrent of inanities, absurdities, delusional ramblings that brim… Read more »

The family holiday then & now

Come summer vacation time, and social media is full of people wearing bermudas grinning at us as they sip something lurid some place exotic. Vacation snaps are to social media what show-cases are to our drawing rooms- pictorial windows that give others a glimpse of the best parts of our life, spent lolling about in… Read more »

Bihar: Future Tense?

It is hardly as if the Opposition was brimming over with hope, but Nitish Kumar’s effective defection to the other side has made 2019 a lost cause. The only plausible leader of a possible coalition has crossed over and strengthened the BJP’s hands. And while there is a widespread sense that critics of the government… Read more »

A world beyond the Men in Blue?

Harmanpreet Kaur exploded on our screens last week and women’s cricket in India came to the forefront in a dramatic fashion. Through the course of the Women’s World Cup, attention on the performance of the Indian team has been building up, thanks to its excellent performance. And Harmanpreet’s innings was simply spectacular, an exercise of… Read more »