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Protest as strategy?

Is a protest along the lines of #notinmyname the best way to counter the current climate of anger and hate that seems to have gripped the country? At one level, a protest like this is an organic emotional reaction to a set of events and hence should arguably be accepted at face value. But it… Read more »

The unresolved past

Perhaps the past never goes away. It waits in the shadows, gathering evidence of its relevance, and slides back into the present when the time is right. The current climate of division and resentment in the country feels like a throwback to a past that was deemed to have been left behind, but anger has… Read more »

Divorcing our streets?

The streets have invaded the restaurants. Chinese Bhel, Wada Pav sliders, Pav Bhaji Fondue, College Van Spring Rolls, Bread Pakoda with Teriyaki glaze & Potato Sphere Galangal Chaat- these are just a few of the menu options that are we are likely to find today. The new kind of Indian eatery seems to revel in… Read more »

A media moment of truth

The government’s action against NDTV is like many other elements in the BJP government’s conduct post their stunning UP victory, puzzling. Why act against the channel now, and why do so with such little substance? The charge itself is difficult to take seriously -the reduction by a private bank of interest on a loan that… Read more »

Mann Ki Baat and Brand Modiji

If there is one thing that all the 3 year report cards issued to this government agree on is that Narendra Modi is an extremely popular leader, who generates a level of trust and respect that borders on superstition. His actions are presumed to come from a place of sincerity, something in stark evidence in… Read more »

The burden of restraint?

Being a soldier in Kashmir cannot be easy. Putting oneself in the shoes of Major Gogoi is not a simple thing to do, but it is something at we must attempt to do before taking a position on the issue. He was escorting some election officials through a hostile violent stone pelting crowd and had… Read more »