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The Ayodhya dilemma?

The Ayodhya issue is now on the front burner. Statements from various Sangh parivar leaders questioning the Supreme Court’s decision to defer hearings till January are striking a combative note. Yogi Adityanath’s declaration about building a massive Ram statue is a clear attempt to drum up public sentiment on the issue, as is his decision… Read more »

The Lure of Teen Patti?

Come Diwali time, particularly in North India, the ‘taash parties’ get underway with a good degree of seriousness. For some not immediately comprehensible reason, gambling is considered auspicious at this time of the year, and this cultural licence is utilised with a vengeance as friends and families sit down together and gamble. The dominant mode… Read more »

The anatomy of disenchantment?

Barring the most committed supporters of this government (and this is not a small number), the general feeling, including reportedly within BJP circles, is that the party will not do as well in the next elections as it did last time around. Time will tell, of course, if this fairly commonly held view turns out… Read more »

#MeToo as social regulation?

There are many things remarkable about the #MeToo movement in India. That so many courageous women came out into the open and shared their trauma. That they managed to break down the defences of the powerful and the well-insulated to impose some consequences for their actions. That for once, the divisions of ideology, so corrosive… Read more »

The technologies not invented

What if the undetectable bomb was invented? What if we could read each other’s minds? What if we could see through clothes? None of these technologies is beyond the realms of possibility. Indeed, in some form, all of these are already available, admittedly not widely nor in a practically usable form. In each of these… Read more »

The pleasures of chocolate

Come festival time, and the boxes of gifted goodies start piling up. Dry fruits and various local mithais have always been the staple, but in the last few years, some new entrants have found their way into this hallowed category. None is more remarkable than chocolate, which is now routinely classified as a naturalized mithai… Read more »