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An Immunity to Criticism?

While the Padmavati issue rages on, it is instructive to observe how little by way of an official reaction by the government has been forthcoming. In the face of public threats made in the full glare of national media, by those protesting against the film as well leaders of its own party, the government has… Read more »

The Congress: A sliver of hope?

The world turns on moments. Against the run of play, the mood turns. A few events happen to coincide and the time becomes ripe for a new narrative. For the last few weeks, the Congress seems to be energised by just this kind of possibility. But seductive as the idea is for the party, it… Read more »

The quiet charms of Khichdi

It now appears that there is no proposal to anoint Khichdi as the national dish of India, but regardless of whether khichdi deserves that title or not and glossing over the question of whether in a country like ours, any one dish can or should be classified as such, it certainly gives us an occasion… Read more »

Diwali & the limits of regulation?

There is a Diwali picture that one received on WhatsApp that showed the sky above the Golden Temple spectacularly lit up by an array of lanterns floating gracefully above the imposing structure. Soon, as with other WhatsApp forwards, one was told that the picture was fake. Someone had photoshopped the lanterns on to the Golden… Read more »

The sickness within?

The Allahabad High Court’s judgment on the Aarushi Talwar case makes for extraordinary reading. While it appears from the headlines that the Talwars have got a reprieve, the ‘benefit of doubt’ because of lack of enough compelling evidence, the judgment is categorical in its rejection of the prosecution’s case. It exposes the incompetence, the lapses… Read more »

The Insanity of Guns?

Irregardless.  Sometimes, one needs to go outside the confines of conventional dictionaries to express an idea with the appropriate shade of meaning, or in this case just the right weight of emphasis. The emphatic rejection of any possible change in viewpoint, position or action whatever the circumstances might be. The addition of the ‘ir’ prefix… Read more »