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The Big Ban Theory?

The Supreme Court’s decision to stop all outlets from serving alcohol within 500 metres of highways has created much surprise and consternation, including, from within the government. While the purpose behind this action is noble enough, the action itself has been seen as being precipitate and too casually dismissive of the impact it will have… Read more »

Humbled by geology?

Reading the magnificent Indica by Pranay Lal, where the author brings alive the ‘deep natural history’ of the sub-continent, one gets confronted with the scale of reality that we inhabit and of our own insignificance in it. We are surrounded by time in a manner that we cannot comprehend. The earth that we walk on,… Read more »

Opposition prospects 2019 & beyond?

What does the Opposition do now? It has been thoroughly out-thought and outplayed by a combination of charismatic leadership and meticulous on-ground implementation. As Omar Abdullah confessed on Twitter, the Opposition does not have a chance in 2019; perhaps building for 2024 is the only option. The Congress may not, in any real sense last… Read more »

BJP- A strategic shift?

The selection of Yogi Adityanath as the UP CM is not an easy decision to read and make sense of. The reactions to this news have been on expected lines, with one side being appalled at the choice of an avowed and aggressive Hindutvavadi and the other taking great pleasure in the unhappiness it has… Read more »

The mystery of the Invisible Wave?

24 hours ago, most political commentators agreed that it was too close to call, although the BJP was in pole position. If there was one certainty it was that there was no wave. There were a few notable voices, particularly towards the end that gave the election to the BJP, but very few, including those… Read more »

The distrust of business?

What exactly is the direction that Narendra Modi’s economic policies are taking? A low murmur of concern is doing the rounds amongst his supporters, as they view his more recent moves with some trepidation. Demonetisation, a move cast in the mould of Indira Gandhi’s early actions, followed by a budget that gives tax breaks to… Read more »