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The Physical and the Political

For someone who is not really an early morning person, occasional forays into the dawn and its immediate neighbourhood are always revealing. People of all ages, sizes and genders are running, walking, exercising, cycling and belly- laughing purposefully everywhere one looks. For a country that thought of physical exertion largely as a product of bad… Read more »

The elections & after

The state elections are over and the countdown to 2019 has begun. The Congress has made some definite gains and the BJP’s aura of invincibility has been dented quite significantly. It squeaked through in Gujarat, could not quite make the grade in Karnataka and now has lost in 3 major Hindi heartland states. Mr Modi’s… Read more »

A limited script?

One recurrent motif in Narendra Modi’s election speeches is a sense of being a victim of personal insults and abuse directed at him by the opposition in general and the Congress in particular. His recent statement about his family members being targeted is not the only time that he has made this point. Every election,… Read more »

On breathing, in a time of pollution

Getting a device that measures pollution  turns nameless fears into numbers. Doubt turns into quantitative fact. Air turns certifiably into poison. Some illusions die quickly. Open green spaces do not necessarily translate into better quality of air. The home is no sanctuary. Early mornings, celebrated in lore as the purest parts of the day, are… Read more »

The magazine in its prime

There are some pleasures that one can recall vividly but never quite recapture. Indeed, with the passage of time, the very idea that so much pleasures could possibly be derived from such actions seems by itself to be faintly ridiculous. One such forgotten pleasure is that of reading a new, unread issue of the magazine…. Read more »

The Ayodhya dilemma?

The Ayodhya issue is now on the front burner. Statements from various Sangh parivar leaders questioning the Supreme Court’s decision to defer hearings till January are striking a combative note. Yogi Adityanath’s declaration about building a massive Ram statue is a clear attempt to drum up public sentiment on the issue, as is his decision… Read more »