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Your Outrage or Mine?

It should have been easy to be horrified. The nature of the crimes made it so. Between Kathua and Unnao, the very worst that humanity is capable of was on display. Being repelled should have been a visceral reaction, one that took no conscious effort. Instead, we saw a spectacle of a grotesque kind, one… Read more »

The cheating spectrum?

The ball-tampering issue has raised some interesting questions about the idea of cheating and our reactions to it. In this episode, what caused the most amount of anger was not the act itself as much as the fact that it was part of a pre-meditated plan. What made it cheating, and unambiguously so, was that… Read more »

The Great Indian Rope Trick?

This column has been accused in the past of writing about things that do not deserve to be thought about, let alone be written about in newspapers, those repositories of Terribly Important Things. Articles about the nightie, the swing, postcards, pigtails, sugarcane juice, the tiffin box and several other such trivialities always has at least… Read more »

The changing meaning of work?

Among the many new careers that have sprung up recently, none is perhaps as curious as that of a water sommelier whose job it is to understand different kinds of bottled water and guide presumably confused consumers about which kind of water to drink with what kind of food. Nobody in their right minds could… Read more »

Movies as memory devices

A long long time ago, i saw a film called Ek Khiladi Baawan Patte. As a piece of information, this can be of no possible interest to anyone, nor is it particularly significant even for me. What strikes me is that i remember this. It was an utterly forgettable film, starring Dev Kumar, an actor unlikely to… Read more »

Statues: Remembering to forget?

The recent destruction of statues has succeeded in doing what the statues themselves have forgotten how to do – making us remember. Taking down Lenin’s statue makes us talk about him- something that most of us haven’t done in a long, long time. Instances of statues being brought down have often served as powerful moments… Read more »