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Congress: Going all in?

There was a looming inevitability about it, but now that it has happened, questions abound. Does the entry of Priyanka Gandhi into the arena of formal politics cause more excitement in media rather than deliver votes on the ground? Does it merely help reinforce the BJP’s attack on the Congress as being beholden to one… Read more »

The quality of waiting

It is telling that doctors have something called a waiting room. It underlines the fact that when we are made to wait for what feels like hours, every time we catch a cold, it is not an accident, but part of a well-designed plan. Time becomes blank in a doctor’s waiting room. It starts out… Read more »

The poverty of the rich?

Does one need to learn how to spend money, especially if one has a lot of it? Admittedly, this is a problem very few of us will face, but the kind of wedding celebrations that we have been witness to (so to speak) in the last few weeks seems to suggest that spending money too… Read more »

The hunger for change?

If there is one thing that is being sought from politics today, it is its ability to bring about transformative change. Twice in recent memory, have voters been galvanised and felt passionately about a political option. The Jan Lokpal movement and the 2014 verdict. Though both these outcomes pointed in very different ideological directions, they… Read more »

The Descent of Democracy?

Democracy is running out of excuses, it seems. A report card on the health of democracy in the country makes for depressing reading. Over the years, institutions meant to provide adequate checks and balances have been hollowed out, but under this government, this process has taken on a new, more urgent dimension. The difference this… Read more »

The Physical and the Political

For someone who is not really an early morning person, occasional forays into the dawn and its immediate neighbourhood are always revealing. People of all ages, sizes and genders are running, walking, exercising, cycling and belly- laughing purposefully everywhere one looks. For a country that thought of physical exertion largely as a product of bad… Read more »