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Re-negotiating our freedoms?

Is WhatsApp to blame for the lynchings that have taken place in the country recently? There is no doubt that WhatsApp messages have played a key role in some of the incidents, but how valid is it to place the blame on and acting against what is after all, a medium of circulating information? The… Read more »

The new public spaces

Using paper towels in a toilet at an Indian airport feels surreal to those who have grown up in another India. There is a wholly unfamiliar sense of crisp hygiene that accompanies its use and one can only imagine how many illnesses have been prevented by this one simple facility. The filthy communal towels of… Read more »

The decline of collective trust?

Across the world, we have stumbled upon a truly vexing and quite a fundamental problem- we can’t seem to able to authoritatively separate the real from the fake, fact from opinion, expertise from motivated opinion. The world appears different depending on our belief system and every erstwhile fact is now merely someone’s opinion, and all… Read more »

Beyond the hug?

Much has already been said and written about Rahul Gandhi’s speech during the no-confidence motion debate. Even more has been said about the hug. Perhaps it is a testimony of how compulsively politics in India is seen through the lens of the event and the individual. What cannot be denied is in the non-event called… Read more »

#Everywhere – Decoding the hashtag

New worlds bring with them new signs. In the digital world, perhaps none is as ubiquitous as the hashtag. In a short time, the # has become part of our vocabulary, framing our exertions on the internet with its inventive functionality. We hashtag words to infuse them with a new powerful meaning, and convert them… Read more »

Downhill till 2019?

Over the last couple of weeks, a clear signal has emerged from the ruling party as to what the direction of its electoral strategy is. A series of signs, big and small, have confirmed what many have always believed- that when in doubt, the BJP goes after the one plank that it feels emotionally most… Read more »