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The Lawlessness of the Law?

The police force exists to maintain law and order, and to act decisively and impartially in order to do so. This is hardly a revelatory note to begin an article on. However, in the current scheme of things, it needs to be said. For what we have been seeing in the past few months is… Read more »

The righteousness of hate?

The recent incident involving an Uber driver deciding to take his passengers to the police station because they were coming from anti-CAA protest and were discussing the same in the vehicle has evoked widespread comment. It is an understandably scary prospect when individual citizens decide to don the role of vigilantes and sit in judgment… Read more »

Victory of the gnat: Kejriwal’s return proves that a believable story, with evidence that substantiates it, is critical

There is a fable in it somewhere. Like a pesky gnat that lives under the nose of a mighty emperor and takes delight in annoying him, Arvind Kejriwal is the one person who has the otherwise intimidating BJP’s number. No matter how hard the party tries, they simply cannot seem to get past him. At… Read more »

Of Politics & The Young

This is the time for the young to focus on studies and make something of their lives. Not to get involved in politics and waste valuable time. These are distractions that are best avoided. It is so easy for the young to get manipulated by vested interests and become instruments of political parties, some of… Read more »

The Kejriwal Revival?

A few months back, in the wake of the crushing BJP victory in the national elections, Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP seemed to be fading. The body language of the AAP and its leaders reeked of defeat and despair. Its forays in MP and Haryana were resounding derision-worthy failures, and it faced a very real… Read more »

The other new India?

The label “New India’ is now political property. If on the one hand, it is a formulation created by the government to signal what it imagines to be the picture of assertive new citizens who take pride in their Hindu heritage, of late it is also the name given to the new strain of resistance… Read more »