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On hacking as way of life

The idea of hackers and hacking is all around us today. From films that depict keyboard geniuses out to destroy the world or save it (the so-called black-hat hackers and the white-hat ones) to it being used as shorthand for ways of engineering outcomes innovatively, using clever shortcuts even in the physical world. In business… Read more »

Is smaller better?

There was a time when cricket lovers would fantasise about the kind of team that would have been possible to put together if India and Pakistan had not been partitioned. The combination of Indian batsmen and Pakistani bowlers, the prevailing wisdom went, would be unbeatable. On the face of it, that certainly seems true, for… Read more »

Opposition’s Long Winter?

The overwhelming nature of Mr Modi’s victory has silenced the Opposition, as is understandable. To win a significantly higher number of seats than 2014, in spite of the show of unity put on by regional parties in some key states, and to do so in a context which was seen to be unfavourable only a… Read more »

Putting the National In Nationalism?

One of the key take-outs from the overwhelming victory won by Mr Modi is that there seems to be a clear separation of what is seen as a national imperative with what constitutes the local. The fact that the BJP lost so many states in the Hindi heartland and then within a year swept all… Read more »

An aura of invincibility?

What does this massive victory really about? Apart from the fact that the unexpectedness of its sheer scale and sweep makes most analysts look foolish, what does it say about the politics of the day? What are voters looking for that they have found in Narendra Modi? Potentially, there are many explanations, some of them… Read more »

New Elite vs Liberals: The Rift Widens

Narendra Modi’s resounding victory is above all his own. This is a vote that has risen above regional and caste considerations, and signalled its strong preference for a single leader. But Modi’s win-all marks other victories. The TV anchor has won over the opinion columnist, the CA over the economist, the chowkidar over the watchdog… Read more »