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Highways of Change?

Roads feel a certain way. Every highway has its own character, its own little quirks. One gets to notice this best when one drives down the same road regularly, but infrequently. As a document of change, the road is quite articulate and travelling year in and out on the same road is instructive, for it… Read more »

The making of the individual in India?

Historically, the idea of being an individual in India could generally speaking, only be expressed in the plural. The ‘I’ was never quite alone, coming accompanied as it did with the overhang of the ‘we’. Our sense of identity was akin to that of a grain of sticky khichdi- potentially separate but always clinging on… Read more »

The Bollywood treatment?

If reports are to be believed, schools in some parts of India were advised not to play any song from the film Padmaavat on Republic Day. This is perhaps no more than a minor addition to the list of absurdities that surround the film, but it does invite a question- why on earth would any… Read more »

The Power of Melodrama?

Growing up, one remembers longing for our cinema to become more realistic, or at the very least a little less ridiculous. At one stage, virtually every film made was a lost-and-found potboiler that featured more or less the same dialogues. We have got our wish to a certain extent. The films of today try harder… Read more »

Liberalising Families?

As the new year begins, one searches for something positive to say, something that makes us feel better about ourselves. In these divided and angry times, this is not easy. But perhaps we overemphasise the things that divide us, and there do exist common strands of experience that we can take hope from. There is… Read more »

Mr Modi, the Incumbent?

The Gujarat results are being made sense of in different ways, but a dominant narrative has emerged. The Congress managed to put together alliances with leaders of local movements, Rahul Gandhi did a better job of leading the campaign than expected, the BJP was in real trouble till PM Modi, aided by some free gifts… Read more »