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The family holiday then & now

Come summer vacation time, and social media is full of people wearing bermudas grinning at us as they sip something lurid some place exotic. Vacation snaps are to social media what show-cases are to our drawing rooms- pictorial windows that give others a glimpse of the best parts of our life, spent lolling about in… Read more »

Bihar: Future Tense?

It is hardly as if the Opposition was brimming over with hope, but Nitish Kumar’s effective defection to the other side has made 2019 a lost cause. The only plausible leader of a possible coalition has crossed over and strengthened the BJP’s hands. And while there is a widespread sense that critics of the government… Read more »

A world beyond the Men in Blue?

Harmanpreet Kaur exploded on our screens last week and women’s cricket in India came to the forefront in a dramatic fashion. Through the course of the Women’s World Cup, attention on the performance of the Indian team has been building up, thanks to its excellent performance. And Harmanpreet’s innings was simply spectacular, an exercise of… Read more »

The solution as problem?

The newspaper is one place where events happen to rub shoulders with each other and sometimes it becomes possible to discern a pattern among these. Currently, for instance there are several unconnected news stories that illustrate different dimensions of a unique Indian inability- approaching a problem with clarity and consistency and trying to solve it… Read more »

GPS and the new maps of the world

The taxi driver had absolutely no idea about the city he called his home. It had been 2 years since he moved to Mumbai, but he was clueless about the most basic destinations- Fountain, Nariman Point, Bandra. His modus operandi was to hand over his phone and ask the passenger to key in the details… Read more »

Protest as strategy?

Is a protest along the lines of #notinmyname the best way to counter the current climate of anger and hate that seems to have gripped the country? At one level, a protest like this is an organic emotional reaction to a set of events and hence should arguably be accepted at face value. But it… Read more »