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The social face of business?

“In an emergency, anywhere in India, someone from our side will be with you within an hour”. This was how two Indian entrepreneurs, involved with the textile industry were trying to communicate the scale of their business in a recent conversation. They did not talk about their sales, or the number of outlets they serviced… Read more »

The lottery as idea

Recently, there were news report of a farmer in Punjab borrowing Rs 200 to buy a lottery ticket which went on to win him a prize of Rs 1.5 crore. We hear these kinds of stories of often, for there is always something quite fascinating about the luck that befalls random individuals for no discernible… Read more »

The rise of female entrepreneurship?

Everywhere one travels in the country, one comes across a new breed of female entrepreneurs. They don’t give themselves that label, but in a variety of small ways, entrepreneurship is blossoming at the smallest unit of change. The efforts are varied; not all ventures are full-time, some are carried out quietly, others with full family… Read more »

Aboard the Nostalgia Express

According to newspaper reports, the railway reservation chart is now history. And for generations of Indians, the meaning of rail travel has been altered. Bit by bit, railway travel as we once knew it is being changed. We get our tea and coffee in thermos flasks. The kullad-chai, is now increasingly a thing of nostalgia… Read more »

An ecosystem of fear?

The arrest of several rights activists across the country on charges of having Maoist links has created deep disquiet among many commentators. Accompanied as it is, by a new label- ‘Urban Naxals’, it is being seen as a sign that this government is determined to act against all signs of dissent and build a narrative… Read more »

The pleasures of bargaining

Growing up, going shopping with older female relatives was always a nightmare. They took inordinately long, visiting at least a dozen shops before even thinking about buying something. They seemed most interested in the least important things- hair clips being particular favourites. They fussed about things that were exceedingly trivial- choosing the colour of a… Read more »