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Elections 2017: Many uncertainties abound

Over the last few elections, it has become clear that it is not possible for anyone to offer a meaningful prediction of the eventual outcome. The electorate is too large and diffuse, and the interplay of local and national factors too complex to be amenable to accurate forecasting. Neither the personal and direct experience of… Read more »

Stamping out authority?

A visit to a Post Office after many years is like opening a creaking door to one’s musty past and finding things pretty much as one last remembered them. Except for the crowds, of course. Among the yellowing displays of some wonderful old stamps and first day covers, one came across a circular advertising a… Read more »

The inadequacy of power?

Something seems to have changed about the way in which we understand power. Take Donald Trump. He has been elected to the most powerful position in the world, and it appears as if that too is not enough. Being the President of the USA carries with it an enormous amount of power, but from Trump’s… Read more »

The terrace- A mouthful of sky?

As the train hurtles past the interminable outskirts of Delhi, the geography falters and then fragments. Scale shrinks and life becomes a spray of composite humanity. Small plots, narrow houses, some without any plaster cladding, huddle together in animated proximity. People, shops, houses, rickshaws, cows, streets, garbage, electricity poles, and wires are a smudge of… Read more »

2017: Democracy’s ground zero?2017: Democracy’s ground zero?

2017 feels like a knock on the door in the dead of a dark night. There was no choice but to open the door, but one is filled with a sense of dread as to what exactly one has let in. Mornings and new beginnings are known to arouse hopefulness, but it is likely that… Read more »

The marketing of frugality?

Discussions about sustainability more often than not look upon consumption as the enemy. With good reason. The idea that the world has enough for our need but not for our greed is one that strikes a resonant chord amongst many of us. As the market economy grows and as many more countries begin their journeys… Read more »