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The league of disappointed women

Over the years, through the course of many research projects, one comes across many kinds of stories. Some of the most striking ones involve women across age, income and social class. There is a powerful change afoot, and this column has from time to time documented some of those shifts. Most of the changes that… Read more »

The Power of Fake News

The problem of fake news is rapidly becoming one of the defining issues of the day. As our ability to generate, broadcast and circulate news has grown exponentially, so has it become increasingly difficult to tell if the news we are receiving or transmitting is in fact the truth. In a highly polarised time, each… Read more »

Weaponising words?

The controversy around people being forced to say Bharat Mata Ki Jai or Jai Shree Ram has many dimensions worth exploring. One of these is about how a specific set of words come to carry such special significance. Why Jai Shree Ram not Jai Shree Krishna? Why not Jai Hind? Politically, this insistence appears to… Read more »

The perils of measurement?

One of the reasons why Television news and indeed most television programming in India is sub-standard has to do with the way its success is measured. Today, the only measure of quality is viewership and that too is measured on a minute-by-minute basis. Thanks to the measurement technology which can record viewer attention at every… Read more »

The last institution standing?

For years now, the BJP has been clear about its intention to abrogate Article 370, and now, having got -re-elected with a thumping majority, it has. There are those that argue that what the BJP has done is the very definition of a democratic action- announce an intention to act in a certain way well… Read more »

Kashmir: What Now?

The abrogation of Article 370, whatever one’s position on the subject, is now a done deal. Barring an intervention from the Supreme Court, a decisive step has been taken and there is no going back. Given the volatile nature of the Kashmir issue and the sudden unilateral decision by the government, it is difficult to… Read more »