Towards an Age of Unreason?

“We are writing something that we can no longer read”. This is Kevin Slavin, MIT researcher and author, speaking about the advances made by AI and Machine Learning spoke of how machines were designing solutions to human problems in ways that the human mind could not comprehend. He gave an example of the Chinese game… Read more »

Congress: An old familiar feeling?

Some things in life are quite predictable. Virat Kohli will score centuries. Navjot Singh Sidhu will live from controversy to controversy. The Congress party will find ways to sabotage itself. Of course, for a period, it felt as if the party under a new Gandhi, was taking a more realistic look at the hand that… Read more »

The Romance of the Razai

As the winter slips away, somewhat reluctantly, from amidst us, it is time to revisit one of its primary attractions. The joy of lying snug in bed on a winter morning inside a quilt with a hot cup of tea? There is no feeling as complete or as secure and certainly none where we can… Read more »

The Post-Conflict Scenario?

So where have things come to rest in the India-Pakistan stand-off, if indeed they have come to rest? As others have argued, for the moment it looks like both sides can claim victory in front of their own constituencies, regardless of what really happened on the ground. It is far from clear as to what… Read more »

The Nationalism Advantage?

By all accounts, the government should be under pressure post Pulwama. Under its direct watch, a horrific terrorist attack took place which took the lives of 40 CRPF personnel. Beyond this incident, this government’s track record in Kashmir should also invite scrutiny, given that since it has come to power, the situation in the state… Read more »

The Password-protected Life?

The sudden death of a cryptocurrency entrepreneur has locked out investors of a reported $190 million. No one else has access to his password, and not surprisingly, given the nature of the business, it has proved impossible to crack in spite of the best efforts of experts. Somewhat like Schrodinger’s Cat, this is money that… Read more »