The WhatsApp group – India’s emotional pipeline?

Every morning, all over India people are waking up to roses, inspirational quotes in pink and pious sentiments trimmed to fit in verse. Through the day, we receive a barrage of opinions, memes, ‘shairis’, regurgitated stories, outrageous conspiracy theories, libel-seeking gossip missiles, nostalgia-laden pictures featuring moustaches, and really long jokes. An instant messaging app that… Read more »

BJP- The dilemmas of victory?

As the Modi government completes three years in office, it finds itself in an enviable position. It boasts of a charismatic leader who has a committed mass following, an electoral machine that has started working extremely well, a core support base that is vociferous in its support and vicious in its attack of adversaries, an… Read more »

The resilience of the VIP

The banning of the Lal Batti is potentially a big step in eradicating the VIP culture that has become such an integral part of our lives. In many ways, both in a real and symbolic sense, the beacon that sat atop all kinds of apparently important people, was an attempt to emphasise the difference between… Read more »

Those in air-conditioned cabins

When one is criticized for being removed from ground realities, one is somehow always believed to be ‘sitting in an air-conditioned cabin’. Access to air-conditioning appears to make any opinion fluffy; a product of the ivory tower la-la-land that one clearly resides in. Air-conditioning is often used as the primary descriptor of elite detachedness and… Read more »

The deafness of corporations

Dragging a paying passenger off the plane violently enough for him to have a concussion and a broken nose marks a new low in customer service, going even by the lax standards that many airlines employ. Enough has been said about the horrific nature of this incident, and for once, all the outrage expressed is… Read more »

The Big Ban Theory?

The Supreme Court’s decision to stop all outlets from serving alcohol within 500 metres of highways has created much surprise and consternation, including, from within the government. While the purpose behind this action is noble enough, the action itself has been seen as being precipitate and too casually dismissive of the impact it will have… Read more »