Corrupting Everybody?

It was a twist worthy of cinema. There is a genre of films in which everybody double-crosses everybody else, until finally there is only one winner left standing. As things stand today, in Maharashtra, that seems to be the BJP. After failing in its initial attempt to form the government, it appeared to have stayed… Read more »

A Smog of Indifference

What is staggering is the indifference. The capital city of the country and much of North India is covered in a poisonous shroud. Unlike global warming and issues to do with the environment which are often dismissed as the fantasised fears of a few, there is nothing abstract, conceptual or distant about the disastrous quality… Read more »

Ayodhya: Pragmatism Sanctified?

The Ayodhya judgment was much awaited and its potential fall-out much feared. While it is too early to assert anything definitive, the initial response to it has been quite muted. The reaction of the Sunni Waqf Board and leaders like Owaisi has been one of disappointment, but the tone has been carefully non-confrontational. The leaders… Read more »

The Festive Spirit?

It seems to be a no-brainer. There is a clear correlation between the spike in pollution and Diwali. This is not one of those issues where the connection between two variables is invisible or intangible. The air quality worsens before Diwali, to be sure, but from the day after, things deteriorate unmistakably. And within a… Read more »

BJP: Winning at What Cost?

Against the run of play, the Maharashtra and Haryana results have thrown up an outcome that should cause the BJP some concern. The Maharashtra win, though definitive, is significantly less emphatic than expected and the Haryana win, is statistical at best That the party would form a government in both the states was always expected,… Read more »

The idea of the favourite

For the last thirty years, come winter and out comes the same sweater that one has been wearing for a little over 30 years. It is a particularly unaesthetic choice of apparel. It was gifted to me by my brother, who cannot be blamed in any way for his bad taste for at the time;… Read more »