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Santosh Desai Analyses Media Ethics in Current Times-Tehelkatv

Politics in Absentia

Baba Ramdev’s agitation is a result of the political vacuum in the country and the connect he enjoys with followers of his yoga   It is easy to be uncharitable about Baba Ramdev and his anti-corruption crusade. Coming on the heels of another movement led by another rustic sage, one could be forgiven for describing… Read more »

Why some Indians love moral cop Dhoble

There is a cultural divide that is deepening, and those who speak of freedom of speech might do well to listen to the other side for a change   IT ISN’T a very common sight. A policeman striding into bars and pubs armed with a hockey stick enforcing closing hours. Or ‘rescuing’ innocent girls from… Read more »

Enforcing rules meant for mere mortals on a celebrity is outside the script

IT’S THE kind of thing that happens 50 times a day in Delhi, or for that matter in any town in India. A war of words flares up when someone brushes up against another’s ego. Abuses that involve relatives of the female kind are exchanged with lusty freedom. Dire threats of a bodily kind are… Read more »

Sweating The Big Stuff

WRITING ABOUT India is never easy; it is too large, too diverse and, in general, is given to cussedness of a kind that makes assertions of any type difficult. Insiders writing about India take too much for granted and outsiders extrapolate too much from limited forays into a wide-eyed form of cultural tourism. In this… Read more »

The Murdoch Mudsplash

IF REVENGE is a dish that tastes best when it is cold, media purists will be having a belated chuckle. Of course, it is not entirely clear if chuckles can be pyrrhic, but the victory over Rupert Murdoch and his way certainly is. For regardless of what happens to his empire, journalism has changed decisively… Read more »