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In Which Salman Khan Meets Advani

Has the day come when we have to defend Salman Khan’s intellectual honesty from the media? ON THE face of it, Salman Khan said nothing dramatically wrong. Nor for that matter did he say something dramatically new. That the whole body of reactions that followed in the wake of the Mumbai terrorist attacks had something… Read more »

Relax, It’s Just A Vacation

REMEMBER THE time when summer holidays meant doing nothing? We chugged off over alarmingly large distances in distressingly slow trains to our native place, hung out with a gaggle of cousins, uncles and aunts, saw an occasional film or two, and ate copious quantities of homemade food — but for most part we did nothing…. Read more »

Toilet Symbolism

Mayawati’s proposal to name a thousand or so toilets after the Nehru-Gandhi clan is sure to create some controversy, arguably Mayawati’s daily breakfast. As a sign that challenges the national proclivity, particularly that of the ruling elite to commemorate key leaders with monuments that reek of high culture, surely this is a significant riposte. Why… Read more »