The Revenge of the Vegetarian!

The image of the Gujarati within the country has undergone a sea change As a Gujarati growing up in Delhi, one didn’t really feel any weight that an outsider usually feels in a setting removed from home. For being a Gujarati was seen to be a harmless affectation; a declaration that one was not from… Read more »

A Case Of Bazaar Piety

Nothing underlines the power of celebrity as much as the outpouring of public reaction to Satyamev Jayate, Aamir Khan’s new television show. The issue of sex selection and female infanticide is hardly a new or undocumented one, and stories similar to the heart-rending ones we saw last week have been brought to us before, even… Read more »

India live

At any IPL match, the spectators never stop cheering. Regardless of what happens in the game, who wins or loses, the cheering goes on. The slightest stimulus can set off a higher pitch of hysteria- the turn of a camera, a song played by the DJ, the sound of the vuvuzela-like bugle. The spectators come… Read more »

The Tyranny of Labels

Liberalism accompanied with a surge in conservatism It is increasingly difficulty to escape labels. One is either a liberal or not, and along with that description comes a whole set of readymade beliefs. The very act of being able to slot yourself in these neat categories, brings along with an ability to exude certainty from… Read more »

The Politics of Representation

One of the recurring themes in the debates that have surrounded the Anna Hazare led movement against corruption is the supremacy of the Parliament by virtue of its being the only genuine representative of the aspirations of the people of the country. This is a powerful argument, for in a country as large as India,… Read more »

Why the world is so angry?

Across the world, a wave of anger seems to be rising as a tide doing someone’s bidding. Its not just the reaction of those who have been ruled by tyrants for decades, although that clearly seems to help; we also saw this anger on display in the UK during the riots that had analysts scrape… Read more »