The subjectivity of victory & defeat

For once, hockey is giving us something to cheer about. The Indian team’s victory in the qualifying rounds for the Olympics comes as a shock of relief after the Indian cricket team’s dismal performance in Australia. This victory ensures that the Indian performance at the Olympics will be followed with great enthusiasm, and perhaps pave… Read more »

The Policeman as spectator

Most of us would have seen the video that news channels have been showing us repeatedly of an incident in a Delhi 5 star hotel, in which some goons mercilessly beat up the head of the hotel security, with many people watching passively. It is strange that this could happen within the premises of the… Read more »

The Market & Good Taste

A recent insurance ad featuring Yuvraj Singh is generating a lot of comment about allegedly being in poor taste. The fact that the ad, which has been conceived and aired many times before Yuvraj’s illness, seems to have been pressed into intensified airplay, immediately after the diagnosis of malignancy is seen as a deliberate ploy… Read more »

Seniors vs Juniors: The spurious debate

The Indian cricket team and its performance do not make for pleasant conversation nowadays and it is understandable that fans are angry and looking for scapegoats. It is another matter of course that anger seems to be a defining emotion when it comes to Indian cricket, with venom being poured on individual players not seen… Read more »

CNBC Storyboard -2011 in Review

This week on Storyboard, Santosh Desai gauges effectiveness, picks the campaigns that worked, and puts all of it in the context of the times we live in.

Sweating The Big Stuff

WRITING ABOUT India is never easy; it is too large, too diverse and, in general, is given to cussedness of a kind that makes assertions of any type difficult. Insiders writing about India take too much for granted and outsiders extrapolate too much from limited forays into a wide-eyed form of cultural tourism. In this… Read more »