Review of Vespa Ad

CAMPAIGN The TV commercial for Piaggio India’s Vespa scooter by Meridian Communication opens with a young man in a modern setting, cheerfully getting ready to go out. He jumps out of bed and straps on his helmet, styled as retro classic, yet modern chic. He gets on his Vespa in search of the perfect girl…. Read more »

Snacking on scams -Media’s day of reckoning

It was the year of loud scams and shamed silence. Through the year, media screamed outrage at every chance it got and in a twist of irony, went deathly quiet, at least for a while, when its own turn came. Looking back on the year is difficult, not only because of the number of sordid… Read more »

Ad Survey-Formulas back as propositions

Formulas such as achievement, mother’s pride, guaranteed-to-work-in-two-weeks, among others, are all back as propositions Another month with slim pickings. Is the downturn responsible or is one being too kind? A month where most work is depressingly below average; there aren’t even too many bad ads that one can droolingly dismember. Formulas such as achievement, mother’s… Read more »