The urge to escape?

Don’t watch TV news. Not even by mistake. Not even if you are changing channels. That’s the only way that you will stave off insanity and shield yourself from the putridness that passes for news nowadays. TV journalism has descended to a level that gutters would gag at, and one’s only defence is denial. For… Read more »

MSD- One of a kind?

PM Modi has paid rich tributes to M S Dhoni holding him up as someone who epitomises the ‘spirit of New India’. He is by no means the only one to have described the contributions of India’s ex-skipper in glowing terms. There is something about Dhoni that compels analysis, for he represents something that we… Read more »

The entrepreneurship magnet?

Growing up, I never wanted to be an entrepreneur. Coming from a non-business family, the prevalent mental image of business was both negative and distant. It involved money, transactions and loans, things that were considered either contaminating or dangerous. Since business was the domain of a few communities, it was regarded as something inherent in… Read more »

The power of someplace else

Given its sweeping impact on so many facets of our life, it is natural to think of Covid as a devastating event. We are homebound, we cannot travel, eat out, meet people as we please, go to the office. Our economy is severely affected, people have lost livelihoods. Uncertainty pervades everything. All this is true…. Read more »

That feeling of numbness?

It was a moment of absurdity that seemed so right. A lady participant on India’s loudest news show, decided to eat lunch while others performed their usual rants. By the looks of it, she chewed every morsel the correct number of times, resulting no doubt in excellent digestion. If you happen to be one of… Read more »

A matchmaking dead-end?

If there is one show on our TV screens that is creating the most conversation, it is Indian Matchmaking on Netflix. Halfway between a documentary and a reality show, it takes us into the world of a high-end matchmaker based in Mumbai and her attempts to find matches for a bunch of matrimonial hopefuls across… Read more »

Of memory and erasure

Questions are being asked of history. Statues are being toppled, institutions carrying names of those once thought of as great are being asked to reconsider their choice, and a film like Gone With the Wind, a classic that generations grew up was briefly removed from the catalogue of a streaming site for allegedly containing ‘racial… Read more »

Localism in Covid times?

In some countries, it looks as if the pandemic has been largely contained, at least for now. Normal life is beginning in those places, even as other nations struggle with a continued rise in numbers. But even in those countries that are opening up, the one sign of a return to normalcy is neither visible… Read more »

The Return of Science?

Science is enjoying is enjoying its moment in the sun. Rarely in recent memory, have the names of scientists been as much at the forefront of our consciousness as they are today nor have their opinions been followed with such breathless anxiety. The world looks anxiously for science to deliver its magic, and every little… Read more »

Of Deepa, Geeta, Chameli & Rajani

The passing of Basu Chatterjee comes at a time when nostalgia is everywhere. There is much to be nostalgic about in his work, for the world in which characters reside was one for which it is easy to develop a strong sense of yearning. It reminds us of another time, and if one is old… Read more »