The Tyranny of Labels

Liberalism accompanied with a surge in conservatism It is increasingly difficulty to escape labels. One is either a liberal or not, and along with that description comes a whole set of readymade beliefs. The very act of being able to slot yourself in these neat categories, brings along with an ability to exude certainty from… Read more »

The Politics of Representation

One of the recurring themes in the debates that have surrounded the Anna Hazare led movement against corruption is the supremacy of the Parliament by virtue of its being the only genuine representative of the aspirations of the people of the country. This is a powerful argument, for in a country as large as India,… Read more »

Why the world is so angry?

Across the world, a wave of anger seems to be rising as a tide doing someone‚Äôs bidding. Its not just the reaction of those who have been ruled by tyrants for decades, although that clearly seems to help; we also saw this anger on display in the UK during the riots that had analysts scrape… Read more »

The sadness of the lullaby

There is something magical about a lullaby. The experience of listening to one is quite unlike anything else. It is almost impossible to listen to one without responding to it with an emotion that one never fully understands. Even without knowing the words, we know exactly what a lullaby intends even if we are unable… Read more »

The Power to do nothing

That running a coalition government is not easy has been made obvious enough by the experience of the UPA government. If in its first innings, it was felt that the overbearing presence of the Left was stifling; in fact, the second innings started with a big sense of relief that the monkey was finally off… Read more »

The magic mirror called election results

Rahul Gandhi’s take on the election results was revealing-he felt that the problem lay in the absence of a strong grassroots network which did not convert positive intention into delivered votes while Sonia Gandhi complained of there being too many leaders on the ground. In both cases, what is interesting is that the analysis is… Read more »

Sachin wipes out national deficit

A spurious achievement from an authentic hero. A fabricated excuse to first excoriate and then celebrate an exceptional man. Impatient cries of frustration seamlessly blending to tear-stained tributes. Calls for his retirement merging into fervent pleas for him to receive the Bharat Ratna. Television channels screaming at him now screaming for him. Just another chapter… Read more »

Decoding elections on TV

The elections in 5 states have come and gone as the dust settles on the winners and the losers, it is time to think about the one group that can never lose, given their supernatural powers- the television channels. The television coverage of the elections is by now a well settled routine, and involves the… Read more »

Rahul Dravid: The hero in our closet

The camera makes no difference to Rahul Dravid. A defining image of Rahul Dravid, for me personally is one that has nothing to do with cricket. It has to do with his appearance, a few years ago, on MTV Bakra, the candid camera show where people are put in embarrassing positions and secretly filmed. For… Read more »

The subjectivity of victory & defeat

For once, hockey is giving us something to cheer about. The Indian team’s victory in the qualifying rounds for the Olympics comes as a shock of relief after the Indian cricket team’s dismal performance in Australia. This victory ensures that the Indian performance at the Olympics will be followed with great enthusiasm, and perhaps pave… Read more »